Q&A: Mark Watkins, The Last Supper Club

Dreamed up by private Ibiza chef Mark Watkins as a way to cook the kind of food he loves and expertly brought together by Tavis, Nora and Maia Buschman of boutique Ibiza guesthouse Las Cicadas, The Last Supper Club is one of those Ibiza events that create legends.

From the top of a rambling and sun kissed camino, tiny glittering lights can be seen in the field below as night slowly falls across the island. Flickering lanterns illuminate a pathway down to a recently mowed hay field. Here a long table stretches out dressed in crisp white linen strung with yellow globes, set with plates and gleaming glassware, a sprig of wild rosemary placed gently on top of the napkins.

While a DJ plays antique jazz on real vinyl records a few friendly dogs mooch around looking for attention. People start floating down the path and sangria is handed out, laughter wafts across the night sky as a team of four in a makeshift, outdoor kitchen prepare morsels of goodness. The boho ambience is brimming with an understated excitement, of something new, fresh, of an exceptional experience about to be shared amongst friends and strangers alike. This is The Last Supper Club and Mark Watkins tells us all about the journey that led him to this point.

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