Pure Ibiza: Mediterranean flavours

It’s no surprise the white isle attracts the who’s who of famous chefs, lovers of gastronomy and international restaurateurs to its shores. The rich land produces an abundance of natural flavours each season – from farmland in the heart of the island to the shallow salty waters of the south. All the better to cook with, my dears…


An international symbol of peace, victory and life, not to mention a staple ingredient in any local or expat’s diet, Ibiza olives, harvested from the twisted, tangled ancient olive trees peppered all over the island, are prevalent in every restaurant, café and bar you visit on the island. Whether served fresh off the tree – with a tangy taste and rough texture – or more matured after being soaked in flavoured vinegar or brines, no trip to Ibiza is complete without them.


There’s nothing quite like the delicious taste of figs and in Ibiza they are found in abundance – both green and black varieties – between the months of July and August. Whether you choose to dry them in the sun like the Ibiza locals, or eat them fresh off the tree the moment you pick them, be sure to check the outer skin is just starting to crack – any earlier and they won’t have the sweetness or moist texture that makes them so famous.

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