The magic of Mezcal

For the uninitiated, mezcal is no ordinary drink. Considered a powerful medicine in Mexico, legend has it that mezcal was created when lightning struck an agave in the desert, cooking and opening it, and releasing the liquid inside.

Today it is considered an artisanal spirit – its production values have a lot in common with fine wine or whiskey, however one distinct difference is that grapes and grains are harvested annually, whereas the agave plants required to create mezcal can take up to 20 years to mature. The methods used to make it are more than 200 years old and yet still, it remains a mystery to many modern drinkers…

What is it?

Mezcal is the generic name for any spirit that is distilled from the agave plant. The word literally translates to ‘cooked agave’ – metl and ixcalli in the Aztec language of Nahuati. Mezcal, as we know it today, is a rich and smoky spirit found in high-end bars around the world.

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