Q&A: Tito Piazza, Locals Only

Tito Piazza presides over his stylish urban eatery in Ibiza’s busy Plaza del Parque with the air of a man who’s has done it all. Because he has. Tito’s career spans 30 years – from the small Medieval town of Asolo in Italy to the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice, followed by a lengthy stint as executive chef of the Ciprani group, which ultimately led him to Ibiza.

Like only a true Italian can – despite his many years abroad – Tito kicks back with a coffee and starts to tell us the story that led him to open Locals Only.

What’s your earliest memory of food?

I was always around it. We had a lot of land as I was growing up and my mother had a good connection with nature. She was always gardening, growing organic produce, fruit trees, vegetables and raising chickens, turkeys and rabbits. We’d harvest them seasonally and then freeze things to stretch out the season. At a young age it bothered me – it’s dirty, it stinks, it’s a lot of labour – but now I look at it through the eyes of an adult, it was an education.

What about cooking in the actual kitchen?

I remember helping out to make potato gnocchi when I was about six years old. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. My mother is half German and half Italian, so she was always baking – we had a lot of sweets, and everything was made completely from scratch. I remember the taste of eating the raw dough – tonnes of it – and cookies.

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