Ibiza restaurants: Duck Tiradito at El Carnicero

Traditionally, tiradito is a finely sliced Peruvian raw fish dish – along the same lines of ‘crudo’ in Southern Italian style kitchens. Never being one to follow the rules however, El Carnicero – the sophisticated steakhouse on the cusp of Ibiza town – have taken the tradition and twisted it their way, resulting in a dish that is mouth-wateringly good.

Using just-seared, tenderised duck breast, expert chefs fashion the pink-hued meat into slices that are reminiscent of sashimi before laying it atop a bed of wild rocket, drizzling it with a silky soft olive oil and sprinkling it with the chef’s top secret chimichurri sauce. The Duck Tiradito at El Carnicero should come with a warning – too good to share!