Ibiza restaurants: Tomahawk at El Carnicero

There’s no denying the Tomahawk is the ‘it’ steak of 2018. It’s been seen popping up on restaurant menus frequently for the past few years, however classic island steakhouse El Carnicero, located on the outskirts of Ibiza town, has been championing this hearty cut of prime rib since its inception four years ago.

The chefs at El Carnicero believe the best way to showcase the quality of the meat – in this case sourced from Argentina – is to prepare it simply and allow the flavours to do all the talking. Flame grilled to perfection, the 1000-gram Tomahawk – named for the extended rib bone protruding from the blade-shaped cut the meat, taken from the cow’s back – is served with grilled courgette and tomato, and served with a side of the executive chef’s top-secret recipe Chimichurri sauce (the basis of which is parsley, garlic, paprika and pepperoni) and a tomato, onion and coriander salsa. Delivered on a hot grill to keep the meat at perfect temperature while you dine, it’s a dish designed to share. Be sure to turn up hungry!

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