Ibiza restaurants: Carabineros a la Sal at El Chiringuito

Sourced off the coast of southern Spain and north of Morocco, carabineros – also known as scarlet shrimp or cardinal prawns – are deep sea dwelling shellfish famed for their vivid red hue and jumbo size. At El Chiringuito, the beautiful beach restaurant on the beach of Es Cavallet, the jumbo prawns are roasted in the chef’s own lime oil sauce then sprinkled with a dash of salt hailing from the neighbouring Salinas, allowing their authentic flavour to shine through.

Most of the meat in a scarlet prawn is found within the tail, however many Europeans consider the head a delicacy, should you be brave enough to tackle local custom. Just add a squeeze of fresh lemon and a dab of the chef’s tartar sauce and you’ve got the perfect starter to share between friends and family.

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