Chiringuito Beefburger at El Chiringuito

There’s a reason they call this ‘the classic’ at beautiful Ibiza beach restaurant El Chiringuito – a beach menu staple, the Chiringuito Beefburger is arguably the island’s very finest in its category. Two chunky 100-percent patties come fresh off the sizzling grill, and are layered with melted Cheddar cheese, fresh red onion, fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, zingy gherkin. The final ingredient is a dash of the top secret El Chiringuito sauce before the top of the delicious brioche bun (spelt buns are also available on request) is placed on top. Served with classic French fries and a dollop of good old fashioned ketchup on the side for dipping, once you’ve tried this burger, you’ll certainly be back for another.