Ibiza restaurants: Tomahawk Steak at El Chiringuito By Night

The Tomahawk steak is a rare cut of beef that has been creating a buzz on the global gastronomic scene in recent times. An on the bone rib steak, cut from the fore-rib, with the entire French-trimmed rib bone poking out for effect – there are no prizes for guessing where its name comes from. Here in Ibiza, beautiful Es Cavallet beach restaurant El Chiringuito was the first to introduce the Tomahawk to its menu, an impressive addition to its all-new night concept. A massive 1250-gram steak is cooked (for two) on the purpose-built grill to your liking, then sliced up at your table with your choice of sides and sauces to match.

Try the local wild rocket and parmesan for something light, broccolini with fresh chilli and almonds for something healthy, the famous summer truffle and porcini risotto for something decadent or opt for your choice of potatoes: crispy Pomme Crique, creamy gratin Dauphinois or perfectly honey roasted with carrots and rosemary. Top it off with a drizzle of one of the chef’s specialties: Green Pepper, Summer Truffle Reduction, Chimichurri, Mediterranean or the French classics: Bernaise, Bordelaise or Beurre Blanc. A meal to share, a meal to savour and a meal remember.

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