Ibiza restaurants: French Brioche at El Olivo Mio

It’s easy to get carried away when ordering from the Mediterranean inspired menu with an international twist at gorgeous Dalt Vila restaurant El Olivo Mio, but saving room for dessert is always highly recommended. Owner Rita Sachs cites the French Brioche with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream as one of the restaurant’s star dishes – you can always trust the French when it comes to sweet treats!

The homemade brioche bun is soft and fluffy, soaked in milk, eggs and butter with a dash of cinnamon and orange blossom before being caramelised and served up with a scoop of flavoursome vanilla ice cream made with love and care by the chef. “It reminds me of something my grandmother used to make,” says Rita with a hint of nostalgia. The dish is also reminiscent of a version of the typical British bread and butter pudding – a more sophisticated take on a childhood favourite. Surely grandma would approve of this modern take on the classic, especially when served up with an Espresso Martini!

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