Grilled Octopus on Mashed Potatoes at Elements Ibiza

As the sun goes down across from the beautiful beach of Benirras in Ibiza’s beautifully bohemian north, day turns to night and thoughts turn to dinner. When the sun’s rays have gone, a warm and hearty dish is calling! Stylish and rustic beach restaurant Elements Ibiza, situated on the south side of Benirras, provides an ideal venue to satiate your appetite.

Grilled octopus is served tender and juicy, cooked pristinely throughout, crispy on the outside yet soft and velvety on the inside, sitting on top of a pile of golden, creamy mashed potatoes – fluffy, airy and heavenly. To add a refreshing contrast in texture are the thinly shaved layers of celery that finish the dish, adding a refreshing crisp to each bite taken. Chock-full of zesty flavours and aromas, this is an excellent choice for the main course meal.