Cocktail hour: Black Pearl at Experimental Beach Ibiza

The team behind innovative beachside bar Experimental Beach Ibiza, set just behind the beautiful Ses Salines salt flats, are committed to serving up complex, yet playful cocktails chock-full of fresh and homemade products of the island – with a twist!

New for 2016, created by head barman Nicolas Baptiste, is the Black Pearl – a stunning cocktail that is completely black in colour; from what – you ask? The cocktail gets its distinct pigment from squid ink! Have no fear, as the ink is only used to colour the drink that way and not used for flavouring – its main ingredients are Plantation dark rum, Fernet Blanca – a herbal liqueur, juice of a lime, fresh mint and orgeat syrup; a sweet potion conjured of almonds, sugar and rose water. Delicious!