Burrata & Coloured Tomatoes at Experimental Beach Ibiza

Lovers of Italian cheese (or any cheese for that matter!) will delight in this heavenly summer starter served up at Experimental Beach Ibiza on the shores of Cap d’es Falco.

A plump sized portion of fresh Burrata cheese is the main attraction on the plate; it’s slightly firm on the outside, while the inside is made up of a creamy, soft textured mozzarella. Juicy, ripe tomatoes are scattered across the plate in colours of yellow, red and green while a homemade basil pesto is drizzled throughout to give the dish that extra ‘oomph’ in flavour. Seasoned with cracked pepper, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt plus freshly picked basil from Ibiza (only the highest quality, garden-fresh, local ingredients will do!), this dish is definitely to be savoured on a summers day.