Ibiza restaurants: Fideuà at La Veranda

The recently upgraded menu at loved island restaurant La Veranda at Atzaró showcases a variety of Spanish, Mediterranean and Ibicenco classic dishes with a distinctly gastronomic twist and perhaps the finest example of this is the fideuà with prawns and mushrooms alioli.

A typical Valencian dish, fideuà is a variation on paella that uses noodles rather than rice. At La Veranda, the noodles are gently simmered in a homemade seafood stock until the texture is a little crispy on the edge but still soft inside and then the real haute cuisine touches are added. Ultra-fine slices of filleted local prawn are placed atop, almost melting into the noodles, followed by drops of contrasting mushroom-flavoured alioli. A true taste sensation and an amazing twist on tradition.