Ibiza restaurants: Grilled Artichoke with Spinach at Finca La Plaza

Set in the buzzing village of Santa Gertrudis, Finca La Plaza offer a cosy and stylish backdrop to their flavour-filled Mediterranean menu. Taken from the ‘para picar’ section of the menu – which translates to ‘to pick at’ – the grilled artichoke with local lemon, spinach, mint and touch of rosemary is the perfect light bite to share or start with on a hot summer night.

Hearty chunks of artichoke are grilled to perfection, while zesty lemon wedges are also given the grill treatment in addition to being drizzled over the plate. Liberally scattered snippets of mint create a light, refreshing feel to the plate alongside fresh leafy spinach and rosemary. It may look simple, but this is a dish that truly packs a punch when it comes to authentic Mediterranean flavours.