Ibiza restaurants: Foodstyle – Photography by Olivia Ionescu

Olivia Ionescu is a globetrotting food photographer with a conscience. Not only does she capture cuisine so well your taste buds shiver with anticipation, her exquisite photography describes the intensity of colours and combinations in addition to the essence of locations. Above all, Olivia must feel the food in her heart for it to go under the scrutiny of her lens.

Swiss-born Olivia is an acclaimed cook and is fanatical about healthy organic food. “If I’m not satisfied with the quality of the food I just can’t stand behind it,” she says. “I love to create beautifully styled images capturing the vivid deliciousness of the food. I like to pay attention to detail in my work and use a rustic simplicity, the natural light and embrace nature with its colours. I would like to transport the flavours of the food into the viewer’s mouth. Food photography is a specific genre and demands passion and a thorough understanding of the dish. My goal is to evoke a sensation, not just take a pretty picture.”

Foodstyle is the moniker of Olivia’s food photography brand and blog, and when a client books her services, after getting a detailed idea of their expectations she studies the menu in depth before sampling the food. “It’s all about tastes and ingredients and I work around that,” she says. “I need to resonate with the food. I need to identify myself with the food.” Her beautiful images never fail to elicit a positive response – be it to dine in that restaurant, sample that recipe or find those ingredients.

Olivia started documenting her life in photographs at the age of 16, but it didn’t become a career for her until 2007, after exploring different career avenues eventually led her back to her passion quite organically. After undertaking a cooking course she was required to select some of her food photos and post them on social media. The reaction was wholly positive including requests for food blogs and recipes. Her camera wielding social media presence was born.

Today, she divides her time between Zurich and Ibiza, and the mobile nature of her business means can work and shoot in any location, restaurant or studio. A regular contributor of recipes and images for the Swiss health magazine LIFE for Blick, Olivia is also preparing to publishing her first book in May 2017 with a well-known publishing house. Her blog is described as her ‘food adventures’ and is without a doubt the very best showcase of her work.

Over the years Olivia has been involved in concierge, events and production but always had a flair for creating deliciously healthy meals. It became a passion she fuelled with a growing interest in plant-based diets and raw food, although she does eat fish and meat occasionally – raw and tartare are her preferred preparation methods. “In my cooking it is important to me to be nourishing, sustainable, healthy and 92% plant-based, as you will notice in my recipes online.”

Olivia has been inspired and influenced from her time living all over Europe in Paris, Rome, Madrid, London, Berlin, Munich, and periods spent travelling further afield in New York, Copenhagen and LA, which fired her passion even more. “I like to check out new places as well as old places. I test a lot of restaurants; I travel and try amazing food to get my cooking inspiration. It’s all about the key ingredients and what’s in the food. That’s what motivates me.”

She has been wandering Ibiza’s shores and eating from its restaurants since childhood. “Ibiza is much healthier now and a lot of the food is pretty organic and comes from the garden of a finca. I stand behind that! Ibiza is like the new LA of Europe and the food scene has changed here. People are more into sport, wellness and healthy lifestyles. Luckily, food awareness is growing all around the world.”

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