Ibiza restaurants: Inhalar Ibiza – A seamless day to night experience

Nowadays, Ibiza is just as well-known for its wellness culture as it is for up-all-night hedonism, and people flock to these shores seeking both. Because in our increasingly conscious minds, we’re all beginning to accept that balance is the key to life, and actually to live harmoniously you need neither restrict nor overindulge – a combination of the two should be our ultimate aim. Emphasising this healthy ethos is brand new café, bar and store Inhalar Ibiza, with its unique retox-detox approach allowing us to feed the notoriously opposing sides of all our personalities.

Located in the edgy back streets of Ibiza town just a short walk from the port, Inhalar Ibiza is an entirely new concept for the island. On the one hand, it’s a destination for vitamin-packed juices, healthy salads and hearty fare to help ease a hangover. On the other it’s about gearing up for the night ahead, with an impressively diverse cocktail list that features all your old favourites with a twist plus plenty of innovative additions to tempt you from the road to sobriety. “It’s a dual concept,” explains owner Duncan McGregor. “During the day we’re going to focus on detoxing, but then at night time, we’ll have cocktails and a DJ.”

By day, Inhalar Ibiza will be the place to be for plying yourself with good stuff. The juice and smoothie menu is extensive – not to mention reasonably priced – and promises to pump your body with all the energy-giving properties it needs to make it through the day. Sample interesting combination flavours like coconut water, rocket, coriander, jalapeño and red apple, which fuse to make the Tonic Rocket, or cucumber, mint, lime and spirulina, combined to make the Green Machine. Smoothies are equally as tantalising. There’s the NYC, made up of banana, mango, spinach and parsley, and the creamy Berry-licious, which combines blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and Greek yoghurt.

Food is also available during the day. There’s a range of healthy, fresh salads – another boost for the immune system – plus more wholesome options like chicken curry and cous cous, and according to bar manager, Martin Lavie: “the best chicken sandwich you’ll ever taste in your life.” If you’re struggling to recover from excess the night before, there’s a state-of-the-art Oxygen Bar upstairs – increasing the level of oxygen in your blood soon has you on the mend. Here, you’ll also find a shop selling the largest range of Vape flavours on the island. And with over 100 varying strengths and flavours in stock, Vaping fans will find plenty for whiling away an afternoon.

Once darkness falls, it’s all about an upbeat, DJ-curated soundtrack, modern interior lighting, and cocktails inspired from locations all around the world. “After I finished university I decided to travel the world,” explains Martin. “I opened my first bar in Cambodia at the age of 19, and I knew then that this would be my job for life.” This passion for the job is visible all over the menu. Try Martin’s take on the classic Margarita – the Spicy Maggie – made with tequila, lime, Pierre Ferrand, firewater and ginger beer, or the Sandia Azteca, consisting of mezcal, fresh watermelon, lime juice and agave syrup, and you’ll soon be hooked.

Martin has created a list of over 50 of his own cocktail creations, and the plan is to change the menu roughly every four weeks, so customers can enjoy them all. “I love creating new flavours and sourcing new ingredients,” he says. “For me, being a mixologist is pure creativity.” This kind of passion is set to bring customers to the store in droves, and it’s also good news for residents, because there’s a loyalty scheme in place that you swipe with every transaction, and which adds up to credit to spend in store.

Open all year round, Inhalar Ibiza plan to host one-off live music events, interspersed with a rotation of high-flying labels and DJ sets. They’ve also committed to using natural eco-produce and biodegradable straws and products, so with every visit you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the planet as well as your body. Have they thought of everything? It certainly sounds like that may be the case.