Ibiza restaurants: Gratinated Scorpionfish at IT Ibiza

Despite being a new addition to the IT Ibiza 2018 menu, the Gratinated Scorpionfish with controne beans and escarole is already a firm favourite with the legions of loyal customers that frequent this glittering Marina Botafoch gem – it’s also one of head chef Massimo Larosa’s personal favourite dishes. While its fierce red colour and spikey surrounds may be a warning when spotted in the shallow seas around the Ibiza shores, once in the hands of the IT Ibiza master chefs, it is skilfully sliced and delicately prepared to deliver a melt-in-your-mouth, rich and intense delight.

The bed of escarole offers a bitter, yet mild bridge of crunch between the tender fillet and puree base that encircle the Mediterranean delicacy. Created with scorpionfish stock and cherry tomatoes from Ibiza, the rich and sweet tomato sauce and creamy controne bean cream provide the perfect pairing. Dashes of Italian-born, Ibiza-grown basil puree – each seedling sowed and tended by the head chef in his own garden – act as the final adornment.