Ibiza restaurant: Fresh Homemade Ravioli at IT Ibiza

IT Ibiza, the stunning fine dining destination on the frontline in Ibiza’s bustling Marina Botafoch district, is certainly not your typical Italian restaurant. This doesn’t mean you won’t find the taste of Italy here however – a true passion and love for the motherland’s flavours and traditions shines through in every dish.

One of the finest examples of the restaurant’s respect for Italian cuisine while giving it a contemporary touch is the fresh, homemade ravioli. Silky circular pasta parcels are hand-filled with fresh aubergine, the finest Parmesan and tomato confit, before being delicately placed on a plate – like a work of art by chef Massimo Larosa.

It’s complemented with oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, a sprinkling of greenery and j-u-s-t the right amount of sauce; a creamy mix of basil and béchamel that when tasted with the ravioli, evokes the traditional taste of a Parmigiana, minus the heaviness associated with ‘mama’ style dishes. The ideal light way to enjoy pasta before a night out on the Ibiza town

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