Ibiza restaurants: Seared Seabass with Asparagus at IT Ibiza

With simplicity at its heart, the seared seabass with asparagus and saffron at IT Ibiza has been crafted to showcase the bountiful flavours that sit within both the land and shores of Ibiza. Freshly delivered daily, the meaty and yet delicate seabass is seared gently in olive oil and salt, sealing in the natural flavour and accompanied by lightly crumbed asparagus. Ibiza sourced and seasonal, it ensures a dish of the ultimate freshness in every bite.

Accented elegantly with smooth asparagus cream and the subtle floral notes of saffron puree, plus wild flowers handpicked from a local garden in the quaint village of San Miguel, IT Ibiza delivers a dish that is delicate yet distinctive in taste and a heavenly reminder of the plentiful and abundant nature of the island.