Ibiza restaurants: Shellfish Soup with Pasta at IT Ibiza

When two Michelin star chef Gennaro Esposito brings a little something from his Italian homeland to Ibiza, you sit up, pay attention and make a reservation at IT Ibiza. With over ten years’ experience in honing this recipe to perfection, it has now travelled across the Mediterranean Sea and made it to its new harbour-side home in Ibiza. Bursting with taste, his shellfish soup with pasta is the very embodiment of Italian quality with a twist of authentic Ibiza style.

The traditional stock calls for fresh ingredients and that’s exactly what it gets, with Ibicenco fish and juicy island tomatoes creating the base for the Italian pasta to simmer lightly within. Weaving a medley of tastes throughout and creating a warm, depth of flavor, chunky fresh shellfish and fish of the day deliver the final layer of richness and deepens the intensity of this hearty, wholesome creation.