Ibiza restaurants: Salmon Aburi Nigiri at Izakaya

There’s no doubt fusion cuisine is having a moment in Ibiza, and that exquisite combination of cultures thrown together to create magic is something all foodies are thanking their lucky stars for. That’s especially the case when a restaurant specialising in said cuisine opens on your doorstep, offering a diverse menu of sharing plate-sized delicacies that fuse Japanese and South American flavours with mind-popping results.

One such place is IZAKAYA Asian Bar & Kitchen near Marina Ibiza, a restaurant with roots in Amsterdam boasting a menu overflowing with Japanese-inspired treats. Take this Salmon Aburi Nigiri, for example. Not only is it pretty as a picture, it’s also a delight when it bursts on the tongue. First there’s the perfectly-cooked rice (you’d expect no less from a restaurant of this calibre), then there’s the torched salmon – lightly cooked to add a different dimension to the usual sushi experience, and then there’s the sweet tomato caviar perched on top, with wasabi cream dealing the final kick.

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