Ibiza restaurants: Alaskan Black Cod at KODO Sushi

Lovers of seafood around the world will unanimously agree that perhaps the closest dish to heaven is the world-renowned miso-glazed Alaskan Black Cod. The dish first rose to fame at the hands of legendary chef Nobu Matsuhisa, however once word got out among culinary communities, it wasn’t long before it started popping up on menus all around the world.

Here in Ibiza, one of the island’s finest versions of this now iconic dish comes fresh out of the kitchen at KODO Sushi in the charming village of Jesus. New to the menu in 2017, the freshest cod fillets – flown in directly from Alaska – are marinated in a sweet miso paste before being roasted to sweet, caramelised perfection and swiped with a miso glaze. Served atop a bed of fresh grilled asparagus, the buttery soft flakes of white cod fall apart at the touch and then melt in your mouth. Open all-year round, the accessibly priced KODO Sushi menu will have residents and holidaymakers alike lining up for a taste of this modern classic.

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