Ibiza restaurants: KODO Sushi – The ultimate home delivery

Ibiza holidays have changed in recent years. With the rise of the luxury villa rental industry, more and more holidaymakers are looking to spend more time in their home away from home when they’re on the island. It makes sense. You’ve got everything you need right there: a beautiful setting, your closest friends a family, beautiful chill out areas, a pool, spacious outdoor dining area – except, you haven’t got any food to eat! Enter KODO Sushi’s fabulous home delivery service, bringing the island’s finest sushi from their HQ in Jesus directly to your villa door.

The service is not only for villas of course – KODO Sushi deliver to any home, apartment or finca around the island. Boats, too, are another popular delivery destination, with the KODO Sushi kitchen open bright and early each morning as they prep their daily deliveries to cater to luxury boat charters in the Ibiza Marina. The bright and airy restaurant has been winning fans since its inception in 2016, so the delivery service was a logical next step, bringing their fabulous food (and drinks) into the homes of those who crave high-quality sushi without having to leave the house.

Upgrading their delivery service to suit clients’ expectations had been on owners Terence and Sabrina’s minds since the opening. They knew there had to be a better way to present their beautifully prepared Japanese cuisine than tacky plastic boxes with sachets of wasabi and soy. They wanted to find something that could serve as a dining plate – meaning no time wasted removing the sushi from its source and putting onto a plate – while also being a functional delivery option. And so, the dynamic French duo spent the off-season researching new options. A plan was forming…

The stylish solution came through one of only two companies in the world – who also happen to work with Luis Vuitton – who produce luxury gift boxes that are made of highly durable materials that could also double as food delivery vessels. These beautiful boxes could be custom designed with cool bespoke graphics and be branded with the KODO Sushi logo and are the perfect size to hold two to four rows of precision-made sushi rolls, with a clever drawer that pulls out for extra wow-factor, and most importantly, keeps the cuisine securely in place until it reaches its final destination, delivering delicious sushi and ice cold drinks, packaged up prettily, to your doorstep or dock, whatever the case may be.

Choose from a variety of box combinations from the lovingly crafted KODO Sushi menu online, including the 28-piece Sunrise box, including Mango Lover, Salmon and Avocado White Roll, Avocado Maki and Salmon Nigiri, or the 39-piece Deluxe box with the popular Tiger Roll, the signature Calfornia Foi Gras, California Snow Crab, Salmon and Avocado White Roll and Salmon Sashimi. Vegans will be thrilled to see the 29-piece Vegan Box, featuring the Super Vegan Roll, California Veggie, Maki Cucumber, Avocado White Roll, Tofu Nigiri and Wakame Nigiri. Of course, there is also the option to choose more than one!

For a bigger group, there is also the ultimate in home delivery: the 92-piece Gourmet Box – a supreme selection including the restaurant’s most popular piece, the Dragon Roll, a Summer Roll, the all-new delectable Wagyu Roll, a variety of Nigiri, California Tuna Avocado, California Foie Gras, Prawn Tempura White Roll, Salmon and Avocado White Roll, Salmon and Tuna Teriyaki plus a variety of Sashimi and Maki – in this box, there really is something to suit all appetites.

Alternatively, make a personalised selection from the extensive menu, and KODO Sushi’s dedicated delivery person will whizz it out to you, along with any drinks, fine wines, champagnes or Sake you may desire. You can instantly cater to an impromptu villa party, plan ahead and design your dream menu for a day on the high seas or simply make the process of prepping dinner for the kids a whole lot easier in one easy phone call. Multi-lingual, the KODO Sushi team can speak your language to ensure you receive everything you’ve ordered.

And despite the glamorous gift-like boxes and the ultra-high quality and beautiful presentation of the selection of sushi inside them, the home delivery fee at KODO Sushi remains the same as last year – free (exception fees apply for certain remote areas), in keeping with Terence and Sabrina’s ethos of ensuring their restaurant is accessible for island residents and visitors alike.

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