Ibiza restaurants: Wagyu Tataki at KODO Sushi

When it comes to serving meat and fish, the Japanese truly understand that to allow the authentic flavour to shine through, one must do very little with the produce they are presented. Here in Ibiza, at KODO Sushi in the heart of the bustling village of Jesus, owners Sabrina and Terence also hold this ethos close to their hearts, and so when they were devising the new menu for 2017, they were determined to seek only the highest quality to showcase the freshest flavours.

One of the standout dishes – and Terence’s personal favourite – is the melt-in-your mouth Wagyu Tataki. Taking the highest quality of this highly-sought after beef, then searing it j-u-u-s-t- so on the flame grill, it is then sent to your table with a sprinkling of Salinas sea salt, a dash of wasabi (should you decide to spice things up a bit) and a light radish salad on the side. No more, no less – just pure flavour and quality guaranteed to satisfy.

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