Ibiza restaurants: Burrata with Smoked Aubergine Caviar at La Dispensa

Gone are the days when Burrata was a rare cheese on select menus. These days it’s de rigueur for Ibiza’s best restaurants to offer a salad featuring the soft, milkiest of cheeses and at gorgeous Dalt Vila dining destination La Dispensa, it’s the signature twist they put on it that really makes their Burrata shine above all the rest.

Your medieval apron-clad waiter brings two plates to the table. One, a perfect ball of Burrata, balanced atop a tartar of ‘smoked aubergine caviar’ perfect little bite-sized morsels of that most delicious of Mediterranean veggies. The second plate is a wooden board, holding a decanter of red liquid – and this is where the twist comes into play. A spicy Bloody Mary sauce is drizzled all over the Burrata and offers the perfect contrast to its sour-yet-creamy consistency, which literally melts in your mouth. The challenge is finding your perfect combination of flavours: digging out just the right amount of aubergine, Burrata and spicy Bloody Mary with homemade tostadas. The perfect starter to share.

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