Linguine de Gragnano with Seafood at La Dispensa

La Dispensa owners José Luis and Christian are self-confessed foodies, and both swear by the rich linguine de Gragnano with fresh seafood as one of their number one choices from the extensive 2016 menu which they personally curated.

Using only the finest pasta – an al dente linguine hailing from the famous hillside region of Gragnano in Naples – fused with a simple yet delicious tomato sauce scented with white wine and onion, the dish is topped with the very freshest and highest quality scampi, giant prawns and clams, each with a rich, buttery flavour making every bite a masterpiece. And it’s not just a matter of taste that makes this a star dish – its presentation makes it even more enjoyable. Look closely and you’ll see the crayfish claw gripping a mussel, amongst the perfectly drizzled sauce – it’s details like these that make La Dispensa one of the most interesting dining destinations on the island.