Ibiza restaurants: Sea Bass with Green Asparagus at La Dispensa

The appeal of the Mediterranean diet is easy to understand when it comes served up in perfect slices of crispy sea bass at Dalt Vila dining destination La Dispensa. The freshest, wild-caught sea bass is lightly fried in a reduction of fresh Ibiza lemon and rosemary – both of which grow in abundance here on the island – until the succulent meat is infused with flavour and the skin is extra, extra crispy.

Served atop perfectly roasted island potatoes and grilled green asparagus, this is a dish that shines in its simplicity. Each flavour complements the next, sitting next to each other on the plate as they grow next to one another in nature. Best washed down with an icy cold glass of vino blanco or Rosado – perfect for a hot summer night.

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