Ibiza restaurants: Wild Sea Bass Tartar at La Dispensa

Hot summer nights call for alfresco dining and dishes that are light and fresh. Set on the romantic cobbled streets of Ibiza’s iconic UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site Dalt Vila, La Dispensa can tick all the above boxes. Dining beneath the stars has never been more desirable.

The gorgeous fine dining destination specialises in tartars, with an entire selection of the menu devoted to them. The chef’s personal favourite is the Wild Sea Bass Tartar – chilled chunks of wild-caught sea bass, marinated in citrus for a taste that is almost reminiscent of ceviche and then topped with a fruity mango dressing to provide the perfect sweet and sour balance. Delicate crispy fried strips of eel are the perfect garnish and the tartar is served with fresh bread to make scooping and savouring all the salsa left on your plate even more pleasurable.

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