Ibiza restaurants: Vegetarian Paella at La Escollera

Vegetarians of the island and visitors alike, rejoice! The ‘King of the Paellas’, beach restaurant La Escollera, has dived deep into their ancient family recipe book and is serving up a fantastic vegetarian version of the classic Spanish dish on the sunny shores of Es Cavallet. Whether you are a paella devotee day in and day out, or only indulge during the holidays, you haven’t tasted paella until you plunk yourself on the open-air alfresco dining area and bite into this one.

Plump saffron infused rice is peppered with an array of tasty veggies; carrots, green peas, sautéed broccoli, red peppers, zucchini and artichokes, infused with flavours and spices from top-quality local ingredients that create a delicious, hearty meal that will satiate the hungriest of appetites. Who said vegetarians couldn’t enjoy a good paella? Certainly not La Escollera!

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