Camote Fritter with Honey at La Gaia

The magical foods of the Peruvian world have reached our domain here in Ibiza; culinary inspiration is never too far away when we have such diverse options that vary across all cultures to make up this wonderful, flavourful cuisine. Head chef Oscar Molina and his team of specialty chefs in the kitchen of La Gaia, a chic new restaurant inside the Ibiza Gran Hotel that specialises in Japeruvian, have designed a dessert consisting of fragrant flavours that will have you wanting to lick the plate for more.

Fluffy pillows of rich and tenderly fried pastry dough are filled with velvety sweet potato and drizzled with sweet honey, dusted with icing sugar and accompanied by a nice chunk of honeycomb; distinctively chewy with little crunches of crystallised honey and oozing with sweetness and richness and more honey! When you visit La Gaia, be sure to save room for this dessert!

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