Ibiza restaurants: Japanese Style Hamachi Ceviche at La Gaia

Ceviche could be considered the ‘it food’ of 2017, such is its popularity – found on the menus of most fine dining establishments in Ibiza! At La Gaia, the Japeruvian restaurant housed within the Grand Luxe surrounds of Ibiza Gran Hotel however, the ceviche on offer goes above and beyond those of its peers.

Head chef Oscar Molina creates a Japanese version that is the little bowl with a whole lotta magic. Using the delicate Hamachi (also known as yellowtail or Amberjack) often found on the finest sashimi platters, he then follows the classic Peruvian tradition and adds lime juice and ‘leche de tigre’ plus coriander, allowing the fish to be ‘cooked’ by the citric acids.

Afterwards, delicious chunks of caramelised sweet potato, crispy fried ‘cancha’ and ‘choclo’ (Peruvian corn), fine slices of red onion and a variety of peppers are scattered beautifully around the fish, before it is topped with a Japanese foam – made with a base of star anise, sugar and lime – before a sprinkling of togarashi, the capsicum powder often served atop sushi, makes it almost too pretty to eat. Almost – but not quite!

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