Ibiza restaurants: Warm Hamachi Ceviche at La Gaia

With the Peruvian food trend exploding globally, the profound gastronomical culture has also made its way to the island, into La Gaia; the slick new Japeruvian restaurant that’s reigning over the lobby of the luxurious Ibiza Gran Hotel.

Whether you’re snacking at the gorgeous, centrally appointed bar in La Gaia or find yourself sitting comfortably at one of the chic tables or out on the open-air, breezy terrace, it’s impossible to go past the Warm Hamachi Ceviche; a star dish on the newly designed menu that specialises in ‘Nikkei cuisine,’ a blend of distinct flavours and ingredients from Peru and Japan. The light Japanese fish dish comes alive with a tasty and refreshing citrus flavour, served warm and is guaranteed to satiate your taste buds on any sultry summer night.

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