Ibiza restaurants: 12-hour Roasted Lamb Leg at La Imprenta

Despite its decadent presentation, the beauty of the techniques and flavours behind the roast lamb at glamorous new Ibiza fine dining restaurant La Imprenta lie in its simplicity. Head chef Pablo Montoro allows the natural flavours of the locally sourced lamb to shine, slow roasting the meat in its own juices at an ultra low temperature for 12 hours.

The result is the softest, smoothest meat that feels as though it could melt in your mouth; the delicate flavour of the lamb complemented by a homemade sauce and sprig of fresh rosemary in typical Ibicenco style. Served up with a side of crispy potatoes, the La Imprenta flourish comes via the great unveil – your waiter delivers a bespoke casserole dish shaped like a turtle’s shell to the table, preserving the moisture of the dish until the moment you’re ready to dive in.

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