Ibiza restaurants: Eggs with Mayonnaise at La Imprenta

There are few things as versatile as the egg, and at La Imprenta, the stunningly decadent French and Spanish restaurant that’s recently opened in Ibiza town, this humble ingredient is finally getting the spotlight it deserves. Thanks to famed Spanish chef Pablo Montoro who heads up the kitchen at the exclusive venue, the egg has been given some luxurious enhancement.

Here, you’ll find Eggs with Mayonnaise served La Imprenta style, which means stuffed with creamy tuna, brightly coloured trout eggs and smoked eel, all topped, naturally, with flecks of decadent gold leaf. Six egg halves are presented in total, each nestled snugly in its own cavity of a specially-designed serving dish in the shape of a bird’s nest. Fitting, and finally, the culinary treatment it so deserves.

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