Ibiza restaurants: Mille-Feuilles at La Imprenta

A decadent dining experience deserves an end-of-night showstopper, and at new Ibiza town fine dining restaurant, the classic Mil Feuilles is just that. In a nod to the restaurant’s French décor and owners, chef Pablo Montoro takes the world famous French vanilla pastry – translated to a thousand leaves – and adds just the slightest twist.

The traditional three layers of puff pastry are separated by caramelised cream cake, a fluffy vanilla blend that is the perfect contrast to the crispiness of the sugar-dusted layers. Topped with fresh fruit – kiwi, strawberries and blueberries make the cut and add just the right amount of zing – it is at once sweet and light. The perfect way to bid adieu to your evening…

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