Ibiza restaurants: White Asparagus Salad at La Imprenta

On a hot summer’s day there little as appealing to the appetite as a fresh, delicious salad, and at luxurious new eatery La Imprenta in Ibiza town, famed head chef Pablo Montoro has taken this concept and added a interesting twist that sees the salad elevated to join the ranks of other elegant dishes on its richly-peppered, luxurious menu.

At La Imprenta, it’s the fusion of unique flavours that really makes a dish stand out, so the restaurant’s White Asparagus Salad includes a host of additional quality ingredients alongside the star of the show. Taken as a starter, the softly cooked asparagus is served with succulent sections of grapefruit, mustard, tarragon dressing, a fluffy mousseline and – wait for it – shards of sweet caramel, which effortlessly propel the dish into echelons of special. Soft and crunchy, salty and sweet; compounds made in culinary heaven.

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