Tuna Tartare with Nippon-Style Artichoke at La Veranda

When is a tuna tartare not a tuna tartare? When it’s deconstructed and served like a work of art at La Veranda, the beautiful in-house restaurant within luxury Agroturismo Atzaró in the island’s north. This season has seen the famed restaurant take its farm-to-table menu and give it a high-end gastronomic twist. Verging on the cusp of haute cuisine, yet with flavours remaining firmly rooted in the Mediterranean, classic dishes such as tuna tartar become shining stars on the menu, thanks to incredibly inventive techniques and presentation.

Ultra-fine pieces of fresh tuna are placed delicately on beds of silky wasabi and soy pearls – made in the kitchen at La Veranda – and accompanied by whipped avocado. Artichokes from the onsite garden are dried, Nippon-style, and placed atop the sculpture like piece with colourful herbs. It’s tuna tartare, but not as you know it… until that first magical mouthful that fuses each flavour together, and all of a sudden, it tastes like home.