Ibiza restaurants: Caramel Fondant at Lamuella Ibiza

It seems as though Lamuella Ibiza head chef Gome Galily’s talents reach far and wide in the kitchen domain. Not only does he create magical lunch and dinner menus, the talented chef is also capable of delving deep into the pastry part of the culinary experience, coming up with this truly divine and decadent dessert.

Just the sight of the Lamuella Ibiza Caramel Fondant will have anyone’s taste buds tingling. The perfectly baked caramel and chocolate cake is filled with gooey, melt-in-the-middle caramel that perfectly seeps out upon first forkful. It’s in the company of a sliced caramelised banana, plump juicy strawberries and a generous dollop of dark chocolate gelato garnished with cookie crumbs and freshly snipped mint leaves. Death by caramel and chocolate? Yes please!

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