Ibiza restaurants: Salmon Cucumber Tataki at Lamuella Ibiza

Magical wizardry is coming out of the kitchen plate by plate thanks to the highly skilled hands of head chef Gome Galily at new northern restaurant Lamuella Ibiza. Fusing local, international and exotic flavours, Galily comes up with surprising combinations that are a treat for the taste buds and easy on the eyes, as his presentation is truly like a work of art.

The Salmon Cucumber Tataki is no different as rectangular pieces of perfectly seared salmon and a roll of fresh cucumber come atop a clear glass frame in place of a plate. The Japanese inspired dish is accented with wild hijiki seaweed, yozu yoghurt, crispy quinoa, cucumber and dashi beetroot gel. Upon first bite, each piece of salmon carpaccio is bursting with juicy flavour while the Asian flavours of yozu and dashi mixed with the crispness of the quinoa make each bite more exciting than the last! Perfect for sharing or for a light starter.

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