Ibiza restaurants: Lamuella Ibiza – Unique gastronomic experiences

Situated in the northern countryside of Ibiza, where the rolling green hills meet the sun-drenched skies of San Lorenzo, is the newest addition to Ibiza’s creative scene: restaurant and art space Lamuella Ibiza, a majestic concept that originated 12 years ago under the glorious sunshine of Goa. In 2016 partners Illan and Shiran Dascal felt the white isle shared a similar heart to their bohemian paradise back home, and thus decided to re-embody their alternative restaurant and lifestyle concept as a celebration of food, style, music, art and dance here in Ibiza.

Cuisine is the heart of the Lamuella Ibiza concept, and at the helm of the kitchen is chef Gome Galily; world traveller by heart with strong roots in his Israeli and Goan upbringings. Galily brings with him an interesting skill set; having worked in six restaurants with Michelin stars, a stint at Noma in Copenhagen as well as Nahm in Bangkok, a few seasons experience aboard a superyacht cooking for the rich and famous plus having grown a successful vegetarian restaurant within a yoga retreat in India – there is no denying his passion for good food!

It’s apparent that creativity and care are at the forefront of Galily’s cooking as each dish is designed with each guest in mind – during and after the dish has arrived and been eaten! With experience in vegetarian and alkaline cuisine, each plate is designed to make the guest feel great long after eating the delicious meal; expect no heaviness or sluggishness – he aims to create balanced dietary meals connected to each individual, their diet and the weather which eludes to Lamuella Ibiza’s holistic lifestyle experience.

The menu builds on the five interesting elements of sweet, salty, spicy, sour and savoury – the flavourful cuisine can be described as modern plates from around the world influenced by the Mediterranean while embracing the team’s Middle Eastern and Asian roots. Galily supports local and organic fare wherever possible, ensuring all vegetables are market fresh, fish is wild caught and meats locally sourced – nothing but the best for those who dine at Lamuella Ibiza In Galily’s words: “It’s not just another meal – if it’s another meal, then I didn’t succeed. I go for the wow.”

There are different menus at Lamuella Ibiza – lunch, ‘in between’ and a dinner selection. By day enjoy a relaxed and leisurely lunch menu that is focused on healthier salads and sandwiches including beetroot goat cheese salad, pumpkin samosas and phili baguettes. Of the ‘in between’ menu, there is mouth-watering barbeque crispy duck, heavenly mushroom tortellini, butternut squash samosas plus crispy seabass – something for every taste.

For the ultimate and most authentic Lamuella experience, guests are invited to the tranquil northern oasis to feast upon the tasting menu; where Galily leads guests through a holistic experience start to finish. Discussing dietary restrictions from the beginning, guests are witness to the chef’s beautiful freestyling technique and his ability to design and create outstanding plates combined with the regular menu offerings to present a truly unique experience. Sharing is encouraged, while guests may sample anything from salmon tataki, passionfruit mussels ceviche, Korean beef filet, tom kha fish cake curry plus any of the chef’s own creations.

If guests are especially lucky, the pastry team may just treat them to a freestyle construction of the variety of desserts on offer in which the dining table becomes a workspace for the chefs creating your dessert. Think parchment paper slapped down right in front of you, where millefoglie is built to your left, and dollops of raspberry coulis are added to the cheesecake on your right – you won’t know which way to look, or eat first!

The Lamuella Ibiza experience is one of a kind here in Ibiza. Nowhere else can you experience such exotic flavours designed with such skill and care for each plate emerging from the kitchen. From Goa to Ibiza, Lamuella Ibiza welcomes one and all across the island for the complete experience of holistic and gastronomic delight.

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