Ibiza restaurants: Buffalo Mozzarella with Tomato Carpaccio at Locals Only

A caprese salad is the definition of delicious simplicity and lovers of this classic Italian dish can find a fab version of it at rustic Osteria Locals Only, set in the bustling square of Plaza del Parque. Invigorating it slightly with a twist in technique and using the freshest, ripest ingredients, the hip eatery has captured the very essence of summer, sun and warmth all on one plate.

Thick slices of deluxe Buffalo Mozzarella D.O.P. are topped with very thinly sliced tomatoes – as tomatoes by nature are rich in acidity, the chef pre-marinates them in salt and olive oil; which in turn pulls out the acidity, resulting in a sweeter flavour that’s much more delicious. The pairing of creamy, fresh mozzarella with sweeter than sweet local tomatoes finished with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and fresh basil is a match made in heaven.

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