Ibiza restaurants: Ibiza Lemon Meringue Pie at Locals Only

Key Lime Pie is a staple dessert dish in the deep south of America, and a dish restaurateur Tito Piazza of Locals Only fell in love with during his many years spent living and working stateside. So when his generous landlord here in Ibiza started gifting him with bags upon bags of fresh lemons from his garden – a non-stop supply for seven months a year – he knew exactly where they could be put to best use: in his own homemade Ibiza twist on the aforementioned after dinner favourite.

The Ibiza Lemon Meringue Pie at Locals Only is like heaven on a plate. 100-percent of the ingredients come from the island and the dessert is lovingly made in three stages, fresh each day. First comes the deliciously tangy lemon custard cream – made with fresh, organic Ibiza eggs and lemons – which is left to set overnight. Then a traditional biscuit base is given extra flavour with cinnamon, butter and sugar, while a classic Italian sweet meringue is prepared is (quite literally!) the icing on the cake, topped with lemon zest. Completely homemade, the cakes are baked fresh in house every day and is also available to order as a whole dessert to take away if ordered 24 hours in advance – the ultimate way to impress your dinner guests at home.

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