Ibiza restaurants: Turbot Risotto at Locals Only

Fast becoming one of the star dishes on the menu at hip Plaza del Parque eatery Locals Only, the delicious crispy turbot risotto is the creation of head chef Stefano Righetti. “One day he came out to the bar and asked me for some freshly ground coffee powder,” says owner Tito Piazza. “A few minutes later, he returned with this amazing risotto – when I tasted it, I was in heaven!”

Righetti’s trick is to save all the trimmings from the fresh turbot used in the restaurant, along with black garlic, to make a stock for the risotto, and then he makes the most of the ‘wings’ (similar to webs between the bones) on the fish by deboning them and frying them up, not unlike bacon, until they become super crispy. These are added to the creamy rice along with crunchy sweet potato chips and a dusting of the organic coffee powder – the resulting taste sensation is one to remember.

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