Ibiza restaurants: Los Otros – Veggie very much

It has to be said, if you’re thinking of dipping your toe into the wild world of hospitality – running your own restaurant, rustling up your own recipes, playing host with the most – it’s probably not a bad idea to already have a bestselling cookbook in your armoury. That way you’ve got some points of reference, and an idea of precisely what kind of culinary excellence to whip up in the kitchen. As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened for Mirjam Leslie-Pringle and Nicolaas Homan, who between them produced vegetarian cookbook, Veggie Very Much, and then went on to open new Ibiza concept store and cafe, Los Otros.

Hailing from Amsterdam, the couple’s journey into the world of cookbooks began with Mirjam’s blog of the same name. As a young mother and vegetarian, she was keen to impress the ease in which the lifestyle could be embraced. “I’m vegetarian but my family isn’t,” she explains with a smile, “When I started I was a young mum, and I wanted to make things my children would like.” Nicolaas continues: “Mirjam wanted to develop vegetarian recipes for kids using ingredients you could get at every supermarket.” So, Mirjam wrote the text and took care of the photos, Nicolaas was responsible for art direction, and between they proved delicious, vegetarian fare was accessible to everyone.

The next chapter of this story delivers the pair to Ibiza – the place they now call home. After a search for premises in which they could combine their current work with their goal to create a concept store, they serendipitously stumbled upon a venue in San Juan large enough to house it all. And so, Los Otros was born – a contemporary space combining food, fashion, décor, and a hair salon. Naturally, Mirjam is at the helm of the kitchen; dedicatedly recreating her own inspired, healthy dishes using high quality produce.

“We try to get everything as fresh and organic as possible,” she emphasises. “For example we have a friend with an ecological farm and we get all our avocados from him.” The plumpest, juiciest avocados you’re likely to lay eyes on, it’s worth adding. In fact, the menu is laden with plant-based treats. For lunch, try the spring rolls made with asparagus, crispy veggies and the aforementioned superstar avocado; the organic brown rice noodle soup served with shiitake mushrooms, broccoli and radishes; or the pasta with rosemary tomato pesto – made with rosemary fresh from the herb garden, of course.

There’s also a tempting range of breakfast feasts including açai bowls and the Los Otros egg salad, as well as a variety of flavoursome smoothies and fresh, cold pressed juices – naturally, each plate is made by Mirjam with care and love. The restaurant itself stays open until 6pm each day, after which the kitchen closes but you’re still invited along to share a drink on the alfresco terrace. Come winter, there’ll also be some tantalising events to tuck into.

“We’re going to do pop up dinners on Saturdays,” says Mirjam. “In winter we’ll move those inside to make use of the interior space. I’ll cook at some of them but we’re also going to invite some different chefs along.” And for those who are partial to fish on the menu, there’s more good news. “We’re going to do a herring party in the new year,” grins Nicolaas. “It’s a very Dutch tradition but it’s great fun!” Another cookbook is also in the works, and the menu at Los Otros will change as the colder months draw in. “We change the menu quite often,” explains Mirjam. But of course – this couple doesn’t stand still for long.

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