Ibiza restaurants: Negithoro at Nagai Ibiza

Nagai Ibiza puts a twist in every tale they tell. Whether it’s the daring Geishas almost alive with attitude upon their roadside show piece or the bounds of bountifully created, beautifully presented, Japanese and fusion contemporary cuisine on offer, there is always a uniquely Nagai feeling.

One bite of the plump and pillowy balls of the Nagai Negithoro and you will understand this concept completely. Fluffy white Japanese organic sushi rice perfectly surrounds a centre of sumptuously soft, deliciously tender minced thoro that oozes with more-ish appeal. Topped with sustainably farmed tobikko, a popping sensation of flavour and accented perfectly with the zing of fresh ginger, it’s a dish that can be shared, but one you’ll find impossible to do so.