Ibiza restaurants: Passion Cafes – Top Ibiza breakfast spots

When it comes to breakfast and brunch destinations in Ibiza, Passion Café has been firmly established as the place to be for a whopping 17 years (and counting!) now. Founder Lana Love has always understood that holidaymakers and islanders alike need their nourishment in the mornings and has pioneered all types of cutting-edge breakfast dishes over the years – she was putting avocado on toast prior to Instagram hashtags and championing açai’s health-giving benefits long before it became a buzz-breakfast.

Having expanded to include seven different destinations over the years, there’s now a Passion Café to enjoy your breakfast in each day of the week – though many Passion fans have been known to pick a favourite and frequent it on a daily basis. The choice is yours – while the Passion Morning Glory Kitchen menus in each café are quite similar, and all boast exceptionally good coffee, the fact is no two Passions are exactly alike. Just like Goldilocks, you’ll have to try them all until you find the one that is j-u-s-t right for you.

The beautiful seaside Passion in Santa Eulalia is the most buzzing breakfast destination in the area. From the minute the doors open in the morning, it’s filled with early morning joggers, swimmers, sun-worshippers, dog-walkers and families looking to fuel up for the day ahead. It’s difficult NOT to be tempted to walk inside this Passion if you’re on the promenade, as the smell of fresh bread and croissants waft out from the bakery in the morning. Pop by for a juice and a tostada (with an array of avo options plus vegan and gluten-free varieties), ipair your morning caffeine hit with a buttery croissant, or tuck into a more hearty full breakfast such the classic vegetarian Passion Breakfast (wilted spinach, grilled mushrooms, goat cheese and pesto with toasted rustic olive bread) or the popular Posh Breakfast (avocado, smoked salmon, poached eggs, chilli and rocket). And that’s just the beginning – there’s also pancakes, granola, chia, porridge, tofu scrambles and more.

Passion Playa d’en Bossa is the original Passion outpost and remains the destination of choice for those seeking recovery breakfasts as a way to shake off the cobwebs from the night before. The Sydney Breakfast (hash browns, avocado and poached eggs) has long been a winner here, alongside classic scrambled eggs, Chocolate Chip or New York Pancakes (with banana, strawberry, kiwi and maple syrup), a variety of avocado toasts, delicious toasted Ciabattas (pick your favourite topping from the extensive options) and the new mini breakfast toasts, for those whose appetites aren’t awakened yet, or if you want to try more than one dish with your smoothie.

The spacious and light-filled Passion in San Jose is filled with families and groups of friends in the mornings – it’s the ideal place to stop off on your way to the beach. The absolute star dish here is the New Age Shakshuka (this is the only Passion in which you can order it) – the Passion twist on a classic, with fresh homemade tomato sauce and roast potatoes making it a savoury hearty way to start the day. Classic Eggs Benedict, a Middle Eastern Breakfast Board and the amazing Thrive Bowl (quinoa, spinach grilled salmon, kale, avo, poached aggs and more) give this Passion a brunch-like appeal, while delicious toasts, granola pots and bowls, acai and chia are also on offer.

Buzzing is the best way to describe Passion Marina, where a classic brunch vibe abounds as its dedicated legion of fans – ranging from DJs staying in the nearby luxury hotels, residents from the sleek neighbouring apartment blocks, exercise enthusiasts after their morning run and local business owners looking for the perfect meeting place – start to flock in around 11am. Though it’s now available in most Passions, it was here the classic Marina Breakfast (smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, avocado, grilled haloumi, rocket salad and more) was born and it sits proudly alongside other Passion classics plus new twists like the Boniato Benedict, where sweet potato takes the place of salmon and toast. Açai bowls are available all day long and pancakes seem to fly off the grill until the lunch menu comes into effect.

Passion Pantry is located in the street behind Passion Marina and it operates as a fast fix for those looking to get their hit of health and happiness in the morning without the socialising associated with its hip neighbour. Take a deep breath as you walk in and you’ll be greeted by the fresh scent of ginger lemon shots and just-chopped raw fruits and veggies. Here you can fill up on pastries, protein bowls, smoothie bowls, açai bowls and pre-made take-away salads, dips and raw food dishes from the display fridge  This is the ideal place for those looking for a quick bite to eat before heading out on a boat all day – in fact, Passion (Marina and San Antonio) can also provide all the sustenance you need for your day at sea (or on your private jet, if you’re hitting the skies).

The newest café in the Passion family is Passion San Antonio – a bright and breezy café space in the beautiful marina on the west coast. The idea here was to bring a slice of Passion to the people of San Antonio who may not have the time in summer to head to the other destinations and this is why you’ll find a lot of Passion fans sipping on their favourite smoothies, protein shakes, coffees and cold-pressed juices while tucking into the Passion classics or the new mini breakfast toasts in the mornings. An array of smoothie bowls is also on the menu here – unique to the destination.

Finally, Passion BFit is the last piece of the puzzle. It made perfect sense for a healthy café such as Passion to find a home within Ibiza’s most high-end health and fitness centre and as such, this is the place to grab a protein shake or cold-pressed fresh juice after a workout or to take a seat outside and refuel with a quick tostada, the classic Passion breakfasts, pancakes, porridge, baguettes or focaccia. Whatever your breakfast cravings, you can be guaranteed there is a Passion out there to satisfy them!