Ibiza restaurants: Passion Marina – It’s back!

Like many of the island’s residents, popular Ibiza healthy eatery Passion Café in Ibiza Marina has been undergoing somewhat of a winter detox over the past month. And now the time is right to unveil the results, as the café officially reopens for the year with a fab new menu chock-full of warm, winter flavours plus a subtle yet stylish makeover…

In addition to gorgeous new tiles and slick new bathrooms, the behind the scenes areas have undergone a makeover too, with an extended kitchen designed to ensure a smooth flow of food-to-table. Passion creator Lana Love knows how eager her customers are to get their taste of health and happiness every day. Yes, every day – the restaurant inspires such loyalty that holidaymakers will dine there as often as possible and locals basically stake claims on their own tables.

This also inspires the extensive nature of the Passion Café menus – two complex breakfast and lunch editions plus over 150 (yes, seriously) drinks to choose from. That, and the ever-evolving nature of the health food industry – if there’s a new superfood coming to light, you can guarantee Lana has her finger on the pulse (of her blender, naturally) already.

So let’s start with breakfast, as most people tend to do at the beginning of day. Since its inception in Playa d’en Bossa many moons ago, Passion Café has long been regarded as king, queen, or in fact, heavyweight champion of breakfast spots in Ibiza and the new 2017 breakfast menu at Passion Marina further cements this reputation.

You want avocado on toast? Well, get set to be spoiled for choice as there’s an entire SECTION of the breakfast menu devoted to this classic. Six varieties of green mushy goodness await, including the hit ‘Peas & Love’ variety, complete with avocado, peas, grilled asparagus, broccoli and feta. That’s almost one each day of the week. Of course, you’ll need that spare day to try the signature Passion pancakes – with four amazing flavours to choose from, including the epic gluten-free ‘Chocolate for Breakfast’ with homemade hazelnut spread, raw cacao and more, or the awesome ‘Honey Riders’ which include winter warming grilled pineapple.

You can opt to go ‘Green & Lean’ – think vegan scrambles, the tempeh and kale sandwich (which is pretty much a vegetarian BLT!) among others. A hot new trend hitting the menu this year is the Matcha Zoats – a scrumptious porridge with the added raw goodness of grated courgette, while favourites such as the Acai bowls, chia porridge, an array of eggs and Skinny Cow Granola pots never fail to please. Last, but certainly not least is the 2017 star – the ‘New Age Shakshuka’ – Lana’s take on the classic Israeli breakfast complete with hearty roasted potatoes and complex flavours within the chunky homemade tomato sauce. Oh wait – and did we mention the French toast made from banana bread?

Moving right along, when lunch is served we believe it is absolutely impossible – even for the fussiest of fussy eaters – not to find something (or five things) that appeals to their appetites. The new house-made Haloumi fries have the boss’s stamp of approval as does the ‘Gua-KALE-mole’ if you’re just looking for a light bite. It’s important to note, Lana is proud (so proud she’ll wear the t-shirt!) to finally be able to fill each of her menus with delicious helpings of fresh and healthy kale, from breakfast and grain bowls to pasta and juice. Sweet potato nachos, Lebanese sharing platters and the homemade soup of the day are all pretty much irresistible, and that’s before your eyes have even moved to the next section of the menu: Burgers.

This is of the main sections of the lunch menu that’s gotten a hefty injection of flavour in 2017, as Lana realised her clientele simply love, love, LOVE Passion’s burgers. They don’t have to be filled with red meat patties (Passion is red meat free) in the slightest, with hearty versions including a Haloumi burger, a Mexican burger, Salmon burger, Thai chicken burger, chicken schnitzel, ‘green Queen’ – the list goes on. And you can have fries, homemade potato chips or sweet potato wedges with that!

Steaming bowls of curry are perfect for warming you up on a winter’s day, with the all-new Soba Curry dominating the tables every lunch hour for attention. Gluten free noodles, topped with soft-cooked aubergine, chicken, spinach, avocado, coriander and boiled eggs – heaven on a plate. Lush pasta dishes, healthy and hearty grain bowls, open flatbreads and more salads than you can poke a stick at – it’s safe to say that no one ever goes home hungry after lunch at Passion Marina.

There are drinks menus, then there’s the Passion drinks menu, which could basically be considered the bible when it comes to healthy liquid beverages! From ‘Juice Salvation’, ‘Bliss Smoothies’ and the highly sought after ‘Superfood Smoothies’ to ‘Aphrodisiac Smoothies’ (they don’t call it ‘Morning Glory’ for nothing) and ‘Superfood Hot and Iced Stuff’ – if you can’t quench your thirst from this menu, then… err, turn the page, where you’ll find another incredible selection to choose from!

In 2016, Lana Love listened to her customers and what they wanted were hip and happening new coffees. Now this is 2017, and a café latte is more than passé – Passion Marina’s new ‘Trendy Latte’ section of the menu does what it says on the tin. Sure there are Matcha and Turmeric Lattes – but have you heard of the new ‘Black Matcha Lattes’? Or the ‘Back to Black’ or ‘Dirty Latte’, made with activated charcoal? You’ll also find lattes flavoured with Goji, Cardamom, Turkish Delight, Chaga, Orange Blossom and even an iced avocado latte.

Home made iced teas and tonic waters are one of Lana’s personal passion projects, excuse the pun, as she believes firmly in creating her own conscious versions of drinks that would otherwise be served in environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles or cans. But the stars of the show have to be the all new decadent protein shakes – you can say goodbye to your old favourite superfood protein shake, as it is superseded by the ‘Chocolate Chip Protein Shake’ – an ice-cream like concoction that looks so good one may believe it was a dessert. Loaded with goodness such as almond butter cacao, dates, whey and coconut water, it’s almost a meal in itself!

Speaking of decadent, desserts too, have always been another of Passion’s forte and as usual, the signature carrot cake, brownies, chocolate cake and power balls are flying off the shelves like hot cakes (but rest assured they are perfectly refrigerated!). Whether it’s an after lunch sweet craving or a late afternoon snack to accessorise that ‘trendy latte’, your Passion fix doesn’t always have to be about pure health. Happiness, on the other hand, is a piece of cake (or cookie)!

Passion Marina is now open daily from 10am until 5pm, with breakfast served until 12.30pm before switching to the lunch menu. If you’re not in the neighbourhood but still craving the taste of Passion, the Santa Eulalia restaurant is also open from 10am to 5pm daily, with an extended sun-drenched terrace on the seafront, while Passion BFit serves up healthy food to go for gym bunnies, spinners, weight lifters and yogis plus mums and dads on the run.

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