Ibiza restaurants: Passion Pantry – Ibiza’s health hub

If you’re already au fait with Ibiza, it’s a surefire certainty you’ve heard of at least one Passion Café – there are six of the super successful restaurants dotted across the island, each selling delicious, hearty health food. What you may not be aware of however, is that one of them is the famed restaurants’ more clandestine little sister, Passion Pantry, a secluded hidden gem in Ibiza’s slick Marina district.

Passion Pantry is “Passion’s health hub” according to founder and Ibiza’s well-known face of health and happiness, Lana Love. This one-stop-shop for the health conscious is the place to get a quick wellness fix if you’re on the go and while the menu remains focused on those following a vegan, raw, gluten-free or plant-based diet, it’s a more succinct offering, making it a saviour for those who need to stock up and set off in a hurry.

Set among the streets of a residential area in Ibiza Marina – easily located opposite the Centro de Salut hospital parking lot – Passion Pantry has a more laidback vibe than its buzzing compatriots. The emphasis on stunning décor remains – thanks to Lana’s eye for interior design – but its quiet location makes it a place where you can come to take a breath in the midst of a busy Ibiza day.

Enjoy a nutrient-packed working lunch in the cooling surroundings of the restaurant, where the WiFi connection is excellent, or have a cold-pressed juice on the shady outdoor terrace while mentally ticking off your to-do list. The aim is to fuel your body with energy from the most nutritious sources, in the comfort of a place you know and trust.

As with any of Lana Loves gastronomic ventures, Passion Pantry already boasts a loyal local following, with regulars coming back time after time to order their favourites. “There are people who come here every day who don’t even need to look at the menu,” says Lana, which explains why she’s on first name terms with many of them.

And while this hands-on approach contributes to Passion Pantry’s unmitigated success, it’s the plant-based, organic food that’s the real star of the show. From raw cakes and homemade hummus to kale and quinoa salads, cold-pressed juices and raw pizzas, it’s all organic and where possible, locally sourced, meaning quality, flavour and freshness is guaranteed.

An entire section of the menu is dedicated to baguettes, the ideal snack for those on the run. The Niçoise comes with almost everything you’d get in the salad version, while the Vegan is served with hummus, spinach, avocado, tomato, sun dried tomato and basil – a lip-smackingly great way to pack in tons of nutrients with minimal effort.

All prepared by Passion Pantry’s highly-trained raw food chef Dainius, it goes without saying that each dish is as flavoursome as it is nourishing. “I love watching him work because he just knows the chemistry of the food,” Lana says of her Lithuanian star chef, who plies each plate with positivity.

This summer, you’ll also be able to get your hands on raw chocolates and truffles at Passion Pantry – courtesy of a new specialist chef who has just joined the close-knit team. A range of vegan ice creams and a selection of long-life, cold-pressed juices are also on the horizon, promising to taste as great on day 20 as they do on day one, thanks to the special techniques used to make them.

You can also call on the services of Passion Pantry if you’re renting a luxury Ibiza villa for a week or have a boat charter planned. Lana organises ‘Passion fridge-fills’ that allow you to stock up on healthy snacks for a designated period, making it infinitely easier to stick to that healthy eating regime while you’re on holiday.

While it’s considered a well-kept secret by those in the know, Passion Pantry is a must-visit for anyone looking for an injection of health-focused goodness – and probably won’t remain a secret for much longer. Stop by for a snack, stock up on nut milks and juices or order a baguette to take away – this is where to get the food that will put a spring back in your step.

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