Ibiza restaurants: Caprese Salad at Restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas

Ask any chef working in Ibiza about the local ingredient that excites them the most and nine times out of ten they will say the tomato. Boutique Hostal Salinas has honoured this most noble of vegetables (well… yes, we know it’s theoretically a fruit but let us run with it here) with their new take on the classic Caprese Salad.

Juicy, rich and sweet Ibicenco tomatoes are stacked head to toe with traditional Bufala Mozzarella imported from Italy and drizzled with homemade pesto. A sprig of fragrant basil with a necklace of sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and cherry tomatoes complete this gorgeous summery salad. The perfect side to the salt baked sea bass or the sirloin steak. Either way, order if for lunch or dinner to really experience the taste of Ibiza.

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